It all started not too long ago when I was first introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by one of my friends. Ever since then my imagination has been filled with thoughts and ideas about the game. I started writing down some of the thoughts I had for characters and creatures, these writings culminated into what you see before you. I thought to myself, "I have so many characters created, why should I hoard them all for myself?" That is when I decided to make this web site and share my ideas with you.

My hope is that you will find pleasure and interest using my characters and creatures. I try to vary my creations as much as possible, this allows the user to choose a character that best fits the situation he/she wants to portray. All of the characters and creatures are original and unique, therefore there really is something for everybody!


Whether you are a Dungeon Master looking for some ideas on characters and creatures to insert in your campaign or a Baldur's Gate player looking for a character to add to your party, you will find what you are looking for in the Cauldron.

In addition to varying the characters I make, I also like to leave you, the user, with many options. Therefore, you have several choices you can make when selecting a character or creature to use.

Please note that anybody can use the characters and creatures on this site without being penalized. In other words, you are free to alter the characters to your liking. Remember, D&D is all about roleplaying and using your imagination, so have fun with the characters and creatures found on this site! Use some of my ideas and craft them to suit you.